From email, to e-commerce, to entertainment, the third party applications we use everyday have moved to the cloud. Cloud solutions deliver high performance and security for industry leaders everywhere, and the same technology can lead to positive outcomes for your organization. EdgeCloud is your resource to navigate the wide array of applications and services available. Our ability to conduct cloud assessments and consultations will help your organization make a business case for the cloud, create opportunities for cost savings in IT, and improve technology performance.

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Why Cloud?

Cloud Assessment Planning Services

Our cloud assessment helps build a business case for cloud services with accurate costs and provisioning plans based on real data from your current physical and virtual environment. The service helps simplify cloud migration and management through data analytics, competitive price modeling, and expert consultation. Our methodology right-sizes your cloud architecture and identifies the optimal solution for your organization’s needs.

Access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Tools & Resources  

Edge connects our members to AWS products and services like EC2, ECS, VMware on AWS, and more. With a direct peering connection to AWS, the Edge network enables members to quickly and securely connect to the cloud. Plus, all on-net traffic for connected members is subject to a data egress waiver for outgoing data flows from the AWS cloud, helping members save money when accessing their data.

VMware on AWS   

Moving to the cloud can present challenges such as learning to use new tools, apply new skills, and adapt to new processes, all of which can be time-consuming and costly. Additional challenges such as lack of workload portability, incongruent networks and operational inconsistency, and multiple virtual machine (VM) formats can hinder hybrid cloud adoption. Edge streamlines this process for our members, enabling them to fully realize the value of existing virtualization implementations and skill sets via partnerships with VMware and AWS. VMware on AWS enables your organization to overcome cloud migration challenges by bringing your VMware workloads to AWS, delivered as an on-demand service. If your organization is looking to increase agility, reduce costs, and focus on core business initiatives instead of data center management, VMware on AWS can help.

Unified Communications as a Service

Edge has partnered with CBTS to provide our members with access to an industry leading Unified Communications as a Service solution. Legacy telephony and communications applications, whether PBX or VOIP based, are complex to manage and don’t offer users the feature-rich experience they need. This cloud-hosted service provides Edge members with a full suite of modern communications applications paired with a hands-on managed service approach, enabling increased efficiencies and allowing institutional personnel to focus on strategic initiatives rather than troubleshooting legacy voice systems.

Single Sign-On & One Click File Access  

A modern, user friendly single sign-on solution can enable your organization to replace outdated web portals, or deliver streamlined access to your users for the first time. Through our partnership with ClassLink, Edge connects our members to solutions for one click sign-on for over 6,000 apps, one click file access for cloud services like G Suite, O365, and Box, and powerful analytics to help you understand the apps your users actually use and for resource and budget optimization.

Microsoft Solutions & Services (O365 & Azure)   

Microsoft services and solutions have wide adoption within the Edge membership. Now, through EdgeMarket, members can quickly and affordably purchase the technology they need to optimize their Microsoft implementations. In partnership with Microsoft and SHI, Edge members can procure Microsoft solutions including Active Directory, SCCM, Azure, Windows Server, Exchange, O365, and more, along with integration and support services to make the most of their investment.

ERP & Student Information System (SIS)  

ERP and SIS software lives at the core of the integrated management of an institution’s business processes and strategy. ERP and SIS systems streamline the flow of information among all business functions and departments within the institution, playing an essential role in planning, designing the operations of all academic resources. Modern, cloud-based systems leverage the information available to your institution to improve processes and operations for admissions and tuition management, attendance and course management, student records and academic analytics, and more.

As the result of a recently completed RFP, Edge is proud to offer our members access to ERP/SIS solutions from industry leaders Anthology (formerly Campus Management) and Jenzabar via EdgeMarket, our cooperative pricing system.

ERP Modernization Services 

Chances are, your institution is not making the most of its current ERP platform. Modernizing and optimizing the way your institution uses its ERP tools can be a catalyst for digital transformation and improved student success, and enable you to get more out of the expensive investments made in these complex platforms. Edge can provide an independent third party assessment and evaluation, apply upgrades, and provide optimization services to help you do more with your current system.

Consortium Purchasing Agreements

To ease the burden of the procurement process and speed our members’ time to implementation and innovation, EdgeMarket enables Edge to deliver consortium purchasing agreements to members. With EdgeMarket, members gain access to current technologies at an affordable price focused on delivering optimum value.

Lead Agency Status

Cooperative Pricing System

Shared Services Agreement

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