Company Overview

Dating back to 1997, a visionary task force of forward-thinking thought leaders, had the foresight to embrace the burgeoning concept of broadband connectivity as a critical utility essential to advancing the missions of the higher education community in New Jersey.

Today, that visionary task force is known as Edge.

Edge is a member-informed, non-profit consortium of academic and research institutions with a dedication to higher education, K-12 education, healthcare, public and nonprofit service members, collaborating partners and subscribing patrons.

Edge aims to deliver and sustain a healthy, vibrant and thriving technology ecosystem that is purpose-built for the communities we serve. Through active collaboration, adaptive technology, transformative engagement and defined solutions, we have designed a national model of excellence in research and education networking in New Jersey and beyond.

The Edge team never sits still. Our collective desire to create and innovate pushes us to provide optimal technology solutions, including:

Looking ahead, mobility, push technology and personalization will drive the next wave of digital content management innovation. Edge will work side-by-side with our members and colleague Research and Educational Networks (RENs) to further harness the potential of digital content to advance teaching and learning in the years ahead.

Referencing Edge

As Edge has grown and evolved over its nearly two-decade history, the official title of our organization has undergone some changes. The following standards are in place to help clarify these changes. Please refer to these guidelines FOR ALL COMMUNICATIONS using the Edge name:

  • The terms “Edge” may be used by media, researchers etc. as covered by fair use, but may not be altered in any way.
  • DO NOT write out “New Jersey Edge”
  • DO NOT include NJEdge in all caps, as in “NJEDGE”
  • DO NOT include “NJEdge.Net” per NJEdge’s previous title.
  • DO NOT include “the” in NJEdge’s title, as in “The NJEdge”

Boiler Plate Language and Media Contact Policy

All press releases referencing Edge must include an “About Edge” paragraph that contains Edge Boilerplate language and a link to the Edge home page. The Edge Boilerplate may not be altered in any manner. See example below.

In addition, please list Adam Scarzafava, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, as a media contact after the “About Edge” paragraph and include the relevant contact information. See example below.

About Edge

Edge serves as a member-owned, nonprofit provider of high performance optical fiber networking and internetworking, Internet2, and a vast array of best-in-class technology solutions for cyber security, educational technologies, cloud computing, and professional managed services. Edge provides these solutions to colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, government entities, hospital networks and nonprofit business entities as part of a membership-based consortium. Edge’s membership spans New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Edge’s common good mission ensures success by empowering members for digital transformation with affordable, reliable and thought-leading purpose-built, advanced connectivity, technologies and services. Visit to learn about our mission, vision, and vast array of member benefits.

Edge Media Contact:

Adam Scarzafava
Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Phone: 855.832.EDGE (3343)

Edge Spokesperson Quote Policy

If your organization would like to obtain a quote from an Edge spokesperson to include in a press release or news item, please draft a statement that contains all relevant information with reference to Edge and send it to Adam Scarzafava, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, via Please include a draft of the press release in your email. Edge will review the quote in the context of the press release and attribute it to the proper spokesperson. Edge  reserves the right to disapprove and/or edit the content of any quote attributed to an Edge spokesperson.

Edge Approval Process

Please allow at least five (5) full business days for the approval of all press releases bearing reference to Edge or quoting an Edge spokesperson. Though it may be possible, Edge cannot guarantee approval sooner than five (5) full business days.


Edge Logo Usage Policy

The Edge logo is the property of Edge and is used to visibly represent our organization. To ensure and maintain Edge’s brand integrity, the following guidelines have been set forth.


  • Maintain clear space around the logo to protect the logo from distracting graphics or typography.
  • Measure clear space by the height of negative space from the top of the N to the top of the swoosh.
  • Never allow typography or other elements to “invade” the logo.


The logo should never be used on printed materials at a size less than 1”.


  • There will be instances where the Primary Logo and Reverse Color Logo can appear on dark backgrounds and the brand colors. The goal is to always have the maximum amount of contrast between the colors and the background.
  • To promote a consistent brand image, the logo must remain unaltered. Pages 5-7 of the linked document illustrate examples of correct usage.


  • The White Logo can be used in instances where the Primary Logo or Reverse Color Logo will not work.
  • Because of the bright colors in the swoosh and the word Edge. The only difference with the White Logo is that NJ is switched from gray to white.
  • The White Logo should only be used as a last resort and care attention should be paid to its legibility.


While the Edge logo should be placed over the designation brand colors whenever possible, there may be instances where it will need to be used with other colors. The goal is to always have maximum contrast between the logo and the background color.


To promote a consistent brand image, the logo must remain completely unaltered. Pages 7-8 of the linked document illustrate examples of incorrect usage.


  • When placing the Edge logo on top of photography it should be completely legible.
  • Do not place over backgrounds that are busy, causing the logo to become lost in the design.
  • Do not place the logo over photo areas that have a similar value as the full color or white logo.
  • Please consultAdam Scarzafava, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, at with any questions regarding acceptable usage.


Guidelines associated with logo usage:

If you’d like to associate descriptive visuals with the logo guidelines, see the Edge LogoGuidelines PDF located here.

Edge logos located here

Edge Staff Photos

To receive permission to use Edge staff photos, please submit an email request to Adam Scarzafava, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, at Please include the purpose for which you are requesting the photograph and how it will be displayed, also specify any sizing, format or resolution requests.

Stock staff photos available for use include the following:

Edge Executive team:

Edge Leadership team: