Ransomware, malware and cryptomining are constant threats to every organization. At Edge, the Mid-Atlantic region’s nonprofit technology provider, we believe the least costly breach is the one that never happens. We also believe cybersecurity can be both effective and affordable, which is why we provide a full suite of enterprise security services through our procurement platformThese services are designed with colleges and universities, public school districts, and government entities in mind, but they can serve the needs of any organization. We do not prescribe a “one size fits all” approach to cybersecurity; we provide the expertise, resources, and tools that are the most appropriate given your unique needs.  

How We Work

Edge’s holistic security approach begins with a Cybersecurity Health Check. This assessment is necessary to identify your organization’s vulnerabilities (in order of priority) and to establish a measurement baseline. It then provides actionable and concise cybersecurity reports on a monthly basis, so your team can remediate new vulnerabilities and exploits as they arise.

Depending on your organization’s needs and current security profile, we may recommend one or more of the following solutions to assist in addressing your vulnerabilities:

Programmatic Security

Finding (and affording) the right information security expertise is challenging. To address this, Edge offers security services to IT leaders to set programmatic goals and improve security outcomes. Our vCISO services give your organization access to our team of Chief Information Security Officers on an hourly basis to guide the improvement of cybersecurity planning, execution, and outcomes. EdgeSecure also provides services focused specifically on meeting the regulatory compliance needs of your organization as they relate to data management and security.

Assessment and Vulnerability Management

The accelerated transition to remote work and learning has introduced more points of failure to most organizations’ security strategies, and cyberattacks have surged correspondingly. Proactive assessment and remediation are key to mitigating your institution’s security risk. EdgeSecure assessments get your team the information they need to improve security. Our Cybersecurity Health Check Program delivers monthly assessments, based on NIST standards, to identify possible vulnerabilities before they become a threat. We also offer a Firewall Rules Review to assess and improve firewall performance.

Endpoint Security

Security breaches often start with the devices used by employees, faculty, staff or students. That’s why endpoint security solutions provide a critical layer of protection to insulate your network from threats which use devices such as laptops, tables, and mobile devices as vectors for attack. Edge offers streamlined procurement of software solutions from Comodo, Carbon Black, and Cylance, which provide enhanced endpoint security.

Carbon Black

Monitoring, Alerting, and Response

Most organizations lack the resources to conduct 24/7 monitoring and response to discover and remediate network threats━until now. Edge offers streamlined procurement of Security Operations Center as a Service solutions from CyberHat and SecureWorks, which act as an extension of your team, with the ability to monitor and respond to emergent threats around the clock.


DNS-Layer Security

Cloud-based DNS-layer security protects your users and network from malicious domains, IP addresses, and applications across the internet. These services combat against malware and other threats present in links, files, and websites end users interact with on a daily basis. Edge offers streamlined procurement of DNS-layer security solutions from Cisco Umbrella, Comodo, and REN-ISAC to protect your network from threats across the internet.


Phishing and Security Awareness Training

User behavior is one of the biggest threats to network security. Training users on the fundamentals of security-minded internet hygiene is essential. Phishing testing and security awareness training accomplish this goal by testing and training users in real time. Edge offers these services in multiple ways: via phishing and training exercises offered by the EdgeSecure vCISO team, and via streamlined procurement of software solutions from KnowBe4.


Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) & Access Management

Making sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time is critical to the operations of your organization. Doing so securely is just as important. MFA and access management solutions enable you to enforce security standards and place effective controls on access to applications and information. Edge offers streamlined procurement of software solutions from Okta to fulfill your MFA and access management needs.


Why Choose Us

As a nonprofit partner, we’ve designed EdgeSecure to help our community improve their cyber defenses as quickly and affordably as possible. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided the most effective technology solutions, at below market rate, for hundreds of organizations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and beyond. 

Our team of cybersecurity professionals, led by a Chief Information Security Officer with experience leading the security strategy of federal agencies and departments, provides the expertise you need to make proactive, responsible decisions to improve cybersecurity within your organization.

Let’s Get Started

One of our experts will meet with you in-person or virtually to learn about your institutional needs, share details about our security solutions, and determine the best path forward.

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