EdgeLearn represents an evolving suite of learner-centric technology solutions that provide faculty, instructional designers, educational technologists, and technology support personnel the platforms and tools they need to create a personalized and powerful learning experience for students. With EdgeLearn, our member institutions will have the tools they need for enhanced student engagement and authentic teaching and learning ━ anytime, anywhere.

EdgeLearn Solutions & Partnerships

Learning Management System (LMS): As the industry leading LMS, D2L serves as the basis for the EdgeLearn ecosystem. With its ease of use for students and instructors, innovative and responsive design, compatibility with a wide variety of devices, and a variety of integrations for third party apps, D2L serves as the ideal hub for an engaging edtech platform.

Video Communication & Collaboration: Rich video collaboration via Zoom allows institutions to expand their impact across geographies to reach more students, and offer new learning opportunities by including guest lecturers from anywhere. Video collaborations also make integrated experiences with other educators and administrators easier and more efficient.

Google for Education: As an authorized Google for Education Partner, Edge has the ability to deliver the software and services you need to get the most out of your G Suite for Education implementation. This partnership includes the ability to deliver advanced software features, Chromebook devices, and related services. Through Edge, you can access:

  • Chromebooks from device vendors such as Dell, HP, Samsung, and others.
  • Chrome licensing including the upgraded G Suite Enterprise for Education, which delivers enhanced functionality for security, mobile device management, live streaming and recording, and more.

Digital Asset Management: An effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution acts as a media repository and video-on-demand solution for institutions of learning. With a variety of options to engage and interact with video assets both licensed and instructor-created, an effective DAM provides a deeper learning experience through the use of video. Edge’s illumira solution offers end-to-end digital media management to enable instructors and library staff to manage rich video content.

Digital Accessibility: Edge’s partnership with Blackboard Ally helps institutions build a more inclusive learning environment and improve the student experience by helping them take clear control of course content with usability, accessibility and quality in mind. The tool integrates with any LMS and automatically checks for accessibility issues, generating alternative accessible formats for instructors using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms. Ally also provides institution-wide reporting on course content accessibility and drives further improvements at the institution.

Single Sign-On & One Click File Access: A modern, user friendly single-sign-on (SSO) solution can enable your organization to replace outdated web portals, or deliver streamlined access to your users for the first time. Through our partnership with ClassLink, Edge connects our members to solutions for one click sign-on for over 6,000 apps, one click file access for cloud services like G Suite, O365, and Box, and powerful analytics to help you understand the apps your users actually use and for resource and budget optimization.

Ready to enhance your instructional experience? Speak with one of our representatives for details about any of EdgeLearn’s solutions, which are available for consortium-based procurement as an entire solution suite or a la carte.

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