EdgePro & Ready Education

EdgePro aims to provide our members with the solutions and tools they need to achieve operational efficiency while providing the highest levels of support and services throughout the student lifecycle. Our solutions aim to help institutions provide 24/7 service, improve enrollment yields, increase student retention rates, and grow student engagement.

Ready Education (formerly OOHLALA Mobile) is the preferred choice of over 350 higher ed institutions worldwide, offering custom mobile campus app solutions that enable colleges and universities to personalize the student experience and support engagement.

The Ready Education platform is designed to support student success by unifying campus resources and services – LMS, co-curriculars, athletics, clubs/orgs, events and many more – within a branded, integrated, college app. By adopting the Ready Education platform, students are given access to academic information, are able to communicate easily with peers and faculty, and can even receive real-time updates about events and campus activities. In turn, administrators are able to track student engagement, get immediate feedback, and send targeted content and communication to their students.

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Ready Education is the fastest growing student engagement, retention and assessment platform for higher education, connecting students to the full potential of their campus community.

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About Ready Education

Ready Education helps colleges and universities redefine campus communications. They develop mobile apps that transform the student experience by helping colleges deliver the right information to the right student at the right time. Over 350 institutions rely on Ready Education to seamlessly connect over 1.5 million students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers. For more information, visit readyeducation.com.