Ready Education Quickstart Package

Your Virtual Campus in Under 3 Weeks

Ready Education is excited to introduce Ready Lite, a light version of the Connection Platform that enables institutions to deploy the Connection Platform faster than ever before.

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Virtual Enrollment and Orientation Made Easy.

During such uncertain times, we need to be prepared to go mobile and stay mobile. Provide easy access to:

  • Virtual Orientation
  • Admission Information
  • Career Services
  • Online orientations

Build a Virtual Community and Keep Students Engaged

Keep your students engaged, provide critical support, and get authentic insights into student sentiments with:

  • Peer-to-Peer Chats
  • Campus Wall
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Push Notifications (at-risk students)

Keep Students Engaged with Virtual Events

Just because we are all remote does not mean we have to lose that sense of community. Easily host and track online event attendance with:

  • QR Code Readers
  • Feedback surveys

Stay Updated with Clubs and Groups

Create a vibrant online community were students and staff stay connected to each other and to the latest updates via:

  • Private Communities
  • Events
  • Clubs
  • Staff and Advising

Understand Student Behavior Patterns

Analyze insights and real-time feedback to intervene with the right student, at the right time through:

  • Retention Reports
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Co-curricular Tracking
  • Track Advisor Meetings

Don’t take it from us.

Learn how Ready Education apps are helping institutions transition to online learning and engagement during this global pandemic.

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About Ready Education

Ready Education helps colleges and universities redefine campus communications. They develop mobile apps that transform the student experience by helping colleges deliver the right information to the right student at the right time. Over 350 institutions rely on Ready Education to seamlessly connect over 1.5 million students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers. For more information, visit