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Cultivating a Shared Learning Experience

This past spring, Edge launched EdgeXchange, a state-of-the-art online member community where members can engage with one another, deepen relationships, discover insight on improvements, and explore the latest product and service offerings. This community focuses on connecting members and giving them a more dynamic way to engage one another and take advantage of their most valuable resource: each other.

Connecting on Key Issues

Ambassadors and discussion moderators keep the content and discussions engaging and members are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and guidance on the topic introduced to the community. The situations and deep discussions are relevant to members across the industry and members can look to one another for insight and advice on real issues they are trying to solve. Typically, individuals have to sift through a vast amount of discussions and information in search of the answers or user reviews they need; now with EdgeXchange, the answers and information are in one, concise location and are provided by trusted peers.

EdgeXchange allows members to browse dynamic discussion groups and join a conversation with like-minded people who are enthusiastic about what they do. All interactions are in real time, so when one person posts a question or asks for a recommendation, other members are ready to share a vetted solution or offer resources and tools they found useful. Additionally, members can explore the extensive research library to find content and media on industry best practices, sample documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos.

Extending the Community

EdgeXchange will continue to expand the reach of this virtual community to more Communities of Practice and create an interwoven web of relationships between Edge members worldwide. Edge anticipates rolling out virtual Communities of Practice for Women Leaders in Technology, Chief Information Officers, Procurement Managers, and Edge’s Board of Directors. EdgeXchange helps members form real relationships and when they connect at industry events, the camaraderie and conversation can continue in person. A network of passionate people is a powerful resource and EdgeXchange is dedicated to providing members with the partnerships and knowledge they need to be successful.

If you would like to be invited to join an EdgeXchange Community of Practice, please email Nancy Zimmerman, Executive Director for EdgeEvents and Print Communication at nancy.zimmerman@njedge.net.

Building a Network of Peers

Edge believes all members, no matter their role in an organization, deserve a supportive learning environment that helps improve their practice, provides valuable networking opportunities, fosters the sharing of great ideas, and focuses on the gratification that comes from exchange knowledge. Several members have tried EdgeXchange and have been pleased with the platform’s ease of use and the peer collaboration opportunities this resource has provided. Librarians within the VALE community, Chief Information Security Officers in the Security Community of Practice, and Education Technologists in the Ed Tech Community of Practice are among some of the members who have enjoyed the EdgeXchange experience and having a network of peers at their fingertips.