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Streamlining the Procurement Process

EdgeMarket is designed to ease the burden of the procurement process for Edge members and reduce the time, effort, and cost often required to implement new technology. By procuring directly with Edge and their strategic partners, participating institutions can access current technologies quickly and affordably and reduce the resources needed to research and analyze solutions. To help members better understand the procurement process and explore the growing catalog of products and services, Edge has created the EdgeMarket Portal.

Top Technology Solutions

Edge has developed important relationships with institutions, organizations, and firms around the country to bring a broad array of technology options to Edge members. Whether an organization seeks solutions that include software applications, cybersecurity, data analytics, or training, EdgeMarket provides multiple opportunities for participants to leverage the knowledge, partnerships, and tools necessary to drive collaborative planning and procurement. While on the EdgeMarket Portal, users can easily review available solutions by category, see Edge’s different lines of business, and explore the EdgeMarket partners who are essential to providing consortium purchasing agreements.

Delivering Optimum Value

EdgeMarket provides three distinct public purchasing vehicles, along with a direct-from-Edge option for Edge-provided products and services. As a state authorized Education Services Corporation, Edge holds Lead Agency status. Under this designation, Edge has issued request for proposals (RFP) and negotiated pricing contracts for strategic partnerships on behalf of participating institutions, enabling them to obtain products that are in high demand at the most cost-competitive pricing available.

Edge also holds designation as a Cooperative Pricing System, which enables Edge to issue RFPs on behalf of Edge members and the entire public sector community in New Jersey and beyond. Formally joining is required to participate in the EdgeMarket co-op, and while the consortium benefits all public and private institutions in New Jersey, this system provides an even greater benefit for smaller institutions to find pricing and terms that would be difficult to negotiate outside the co-op. For organizations with limited budgets and technical resources, EdgeMarket allows these institutions to still access the optimal technology solutions and expertise they need to be successful.

Edge also provides services directly to other local units as a “shared service,” without the need to go through a competitive procurement process. Direct from Edge solutions include network and technology assessment services, staff augmentation, and virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services. An organization can enter into a shared services agreement with Edge to access the information or services they need, while reserving their own resources for other strategic initiatives.

An Edge on Procurement

Obtaining new technology solutions and services can be a lengthy and costly process, where finding the right place to start can often be challenging. Through extensive experience in conducting public bids, Edge helps member institutions procure products and services in a more streamlined way. Members can count on Edge’s technical expertise and experience to research, analyze, and procure essential tools and then pass along those benefits to their organization.

The EdgeMarket Portal contains a variety of useful information and articles pertaining to procurement, both at Edge and in general. Members can learn more about the fundamentals of the EdgeMarket approach to RFP-driven procurements and how this methodology provides the ability to increase the scope, speed, and volume of procurement projects. The portal also outlines best practices for writing requirements that support successful planning, procurement, evaluation, implementation, and utilization.

Joining EdgeMarket

Becoming an EdgeMarket participant provides many benefits and extends the power of a collaborative community to all consortium members. Edge dedicatedly creates contracts that provide the greatest possible value and the lowest possible cost with the most favorable terms and conditions. All K-12 schools or districts wishing to become a participant must execute the EdgeMarket Participation Agreement with Edge, pass a resolution by their governing body, and then provide a copy of the completed resolution to Edge. Institutions who are interested in joining the co-op can visit the portal to find out more about the registration process and download the necessary forms to becoming an EdgeMarket participant.

Visit the EdgeMarket Portal at EdgeMarket.NJEdge.net.

Ease the burden of the procurement process and reduce the time, effort, and cost required to implement new technology by exploring EdgeMarket.NJEdge.net for products, services, solutions, and resources.