Edge Expands Service Offerings with A New Cybersecurity Solution

By October 13, 2017 March 10th, 2021 No Comments

EdgeSecure is a set of Information Security Solutions Designed to Help Shape Your Enterprise Security Strategy

Newark, N.J. – Edge unveiled the expansion of their product and service portfolio with EdgeSecure, a cybersecurity and information security solution designed to manage risk for the entire enterprise ecosystem. The origin of EdgeSecure’s development arose from a need for Edge member organizations to establish actionable strategies that correlate to an organization’s most valuable assets. With the creation of EdgeSecure, Edge has developed a security strategy that seeks to simplify and organize the cybersecurity challenge for its members by treating information security first and foremost as an integrated information management problem.

Edge is ever vigilant in its commitment to support its members’ efforts to mitigate all manner of cyber risk. The first EdgeSecure solutions to be rolled out will be a full inventory and assessment. These assessments will be conducted quarterly and include the following:

  • External Asset Discovery: Inventory of all assets on the Internet
  • Internal Asset Discovery: Inventory of all internal network assets
  • External Vulnerability Profile: Assess and classify risk level for all external assets
  • Internal Vulnerability Profile: Assess and classify risk level for all internal network assets

“Over the the course of the past year, our team developed a security strategy in line with the critical security controls mapped to the NIST Framework that seeks to demystify and systematize the cybersecurity challenge for our members by treating information security as an integrated information management problem,” explained Edge Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Edward Chapel, Ph.D. Chapel continued, “As a recursive, disciplined approach, EdgeSecure will enable our members to build a long term plan and security strategy to handle cybersecurity issues and challenges that confront them.”

EdgeSecure is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of Edge’s mission-aligned technology solutions and services. Members and non-member organizations have access to EdgeSecure now and, as with all Edge products and services, Edge can provide and mobilize a team of pre-selected, pre-certified cybersecurity partners with the specialized expertise and staffing each scenario requires. To learn more, visit