New Speakers and Activities Added to EdgeCon2018

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New Jersey’s Premier EdTech Conference

Newark, NJ, November 29, 2017 – EdgeCon2018, the premier EdTech conference in New Jersey presented by Edge, announces new speakers and activities added to its agenda.

Amber Mac, keynote speaker, and Dr. Wayne Brown and Greg Davies, featured speakers, will be joined by:

  • John Boyer: Virginia Tech Professor; John Boyer will speak about reinventing the 21st century professor, sharing his two decades of experience with new technologies and the evolving student mindset in creating both record-breaking super-large live courses, as well as the transition to fully digital courses.
  • Timothy Renick, Ph.D.: Vice Provost at Georgia State University; Dr. Renick will speak about using data and analytics to eliminate achievement gaps, and will outline several practical and low-cost steps that campuses can take to improve outcomes for underachieving students.

Also now available: Organizational Change workshop based on renowned Harvard Professor John Kotter’s 8-step model. Conference attendees will be able to attend this experiential and interactive workshop which provides a structured and proven approach to implementing effective change in your organization using case studies, tools and templates. This workshop will help attendees create a roadmap for successful execution of major change. For registration information about this workshop visit:

Registration and additional details for EdgeCon2018 are available at the event website at:

“This is not your typical conference. We focus on inclusive, knowledge-sharing experiences which have real hands-on benefits for a range of education, research and technology professionals,” said Dr. Edward Chapel, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Edge. “For seventeen years, Edge has been at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape, providing inventive solutions to the many groups in our network. We look forward to examining and discussing the trends that are contributing to these groundbreaking changes.”

This year’s EdgeCon conference highlights Digital Leadership and Enterprise Transformation around six themed tracks:  

  • Big Data & Analytics – Attendees will gain insights into the proliferation of high performance computing and the DMZ infrastructure of regional colleges and universities
  • Education & Technology – Faculty and instructional designers will hear from industry peers about efforts related to open education resources (OER), online student retention and more
  • Networking & Data Security – CISOs and network engineers will learn about the latest in cyber security and simpler risk management approaches for higher education
  • Customer Support & Service Excellence – A track of interest for the entire enterprise community; you will hear ways to address limitations of popular technology solutions including the LMS and the ERP to deliver an improved student user experience
  • Aligning Business & Technology Strategies – The technology community and practitioners will be able to learn about the important need for alignment between the priorities of the business and the focus and purpose of technology investment
  • Transformation Products & Services – This track will examine how mobility and data analytics driven solutions are changing the business at large, bridging archival work with technology   

“While the latest advancements in the digital environment create an increasingly connected world, we are also facing many grave challenges and threats,” said Dr. Steven Rose, President of Passaic County Community College and Chairman of Edge Board of Trustees. “Security is inevitably important, and at EdgeCon, attendees will more deeply understand cybersecurity for their businesses and institutions alike. We will also discuss in greater detail the broader challenges in national security and data security threats.”

In conjunction with the Networking & Data Security sessions, Edge is launching EdgeSecure, a new information security solution which protects a company’s most valuable digital assets by building an inventory of a group’s ecosystem, identifying vulnerabilities, creating a plan to fix them, and identifying who can help with the process.

EdgeCon2018 will be held on January 11-12 at the Hanover Marriott Conference Center in Whippany, NJ, and hosted by Edge, a non-profit group which provides optical networking, Internet, digital media management, and IT products and solutions to academic and research institutions.  

Amber Mac, bestselling author, blogger and digital thought-leader, will be leading the discussion as the keynote speaker for the conference. She will address the relentless adaptation and accelerating pace of corporate culture in the digital economy.

About EdgeCon2018

Now in its ninth year, EdgeCon is the premier, annual conference presented by Edge. The event brings together a wide variety of professionals from academic, healthcare, IT and government backgrounds to discuss cutting-edge technology and surrounding issues, as well as the opportunity to learn how to apply real-life solutions to their own institutions.

About Edge

Founded in 2000, Edge is a New Jersey-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides high performance optical networking, Internet, digital asset management solutions and IT products and services. Edge provides these solutions to colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, government entities, hospital networks, and businesses as part of a 60-member consortium spread throughout the continental US. The group is governed by New Jersey’s Presidents’ Council and housed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on its Newark, NJ, campus.