Edge Announces Contract Award for Technology Readiness Assessments to CampusWorks

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Newark, NJ, August 29, 2019 – Edge, the region’s nonprofit research and education network and technology partner, announced the award of a contract for business process readiness to CampusWorks, a leading provider of strategic consulting services for higher education. CampusWorks’ services will be available to all Edge members via the organization’s New Jersey Department of Community Affairs-approved cooperative pricing system, EdgeMarket.

CampusWorks was selected at the end of a competitive bid process based on the firm’s robust capabilities and proven experience providing an independent perspective and creative solutions to help institutions leverage technology to achieve their mission, improve operations, reduce costs, and position students for success. CampusWorks’ exclusive focus on higher education and comprehensive approach to assessments, process optimization, and project preparation make the organization an ideal partner to perform technology readiness assessments for Edge members.

This award will give Edge members the ability to partner with CampusWorks to get more value from their technology investments by ensuring they are aligned with the institution’s goals, as part of Edge’s “Business Systems Modernization Program.” By understanding current technologies, improving data management, and optimizing business processes, Edge members can plan, build, and execute a migration to a modern ERP/SIS solution that will provide the fastest time to value. 

“Even the best software platform in the world won’t be effective if an institution is not prepared to make the most of it,” said Dr. Samuel Conn, President & CEO of Edge. “The readiness assessment program will enable Edge members to optimize their processes and effectively migrate to new business systems, which can deliver transformational results. Additionally, an effective assessment will assist in budgeting the project and preventing the runaway costs typically associated with ERP migrations.”

“At CampusWorks, we know the powerful results that are possible when an institution’s people, processes, and technologies are aligned,” said CampusWorks CEO Liz Murphy. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help Edge members transform the way they use technology to support student success.”

Edge members will also have the unique advantage of access to the rest of the organization’s EdgePro solution set, which includes services designed to ensure the success of digital transformation projects involving ERP/SIS implementations. Available services, such as organizational change management training, post-implementation call center services for students, faculty, and staff, and project management training for institutional staff will equip them with the tools they need to achieve a successful business systems modernization project. 

About Edge

Founded in 2000, Edge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, serves as a purpose-built research and education wide area network and technology solutions partner. Edge connects members with affordable, easy access to high-performance optical networking, commodity Internet and Internet2 services, and a variety of technology-powered products, solutions, and services. The Edge member consortium consists of colleges and universities, K-12 schools and districts, government entities, healthcare networks, and businesses spread throughout the continental US. The group is governed by New Jersey’s Presidents’ Council with offices in Newark, Princeton, and Wall Township, NJ. For more information, please visit:

About CampusWorks

Founded in 1999, CampusWorks has become a trusted partner of countless colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. Serving higher education exclusively, CampusWorks has a deep understanding of and appreciation for institutions’ mission, vision, and values as well as the business and technical challenges they are facing. CampusWorks believes that student success should be at the heart of every decision, so the firm does not partner with any software or hardware vendors. Thanks to this independence, institutions know they can count on CampusWorks to listen to their needs, provide unbiased insights into their organizational challenges, and develop tailored solutions with their best interests in mind. For more information, please visit: