Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

Te Wu, CEO, PMO Advisory, LLC, Assistant Professor, Management, School of Business, Montclair State University

As organizations tackle "mega projects" such as implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP), replacing antiquated learning management systems (LMS), or upgrading other major systems and infrastructure, preparing the organization for change and complexity have paramount importance. Experience project managers intuitively understand that the success of

the project is often not just the system and process but also adoption – the willingness and preferably the eagerness of the people to embrace change. To evaluate the extent of organizational change and the need for disciplined adoption programs, a best practice is to conduct an Organizational Change Complexity Assessment early. This workshop is hands-on and centers around utilizing a simple tool to evaluate the extent of change of a Learning Management System Replacement at a medium-large university in New Jersey. Participants are encouraged to relate this exercise with their own change project.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the importance of organizational change management and its complexity
  • Review an Organization Change Complexity Assessment Tool
  • Apply the tool to a practical example – replacement of a Learning Management System at a medium-large university

Wed 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Collaboration and Partnerships Across the Enterprise, Organizational Maturity: Maintaining Institutional Effectiveness Among Rapid Change, Tricks of the Trade: Emerging Practices, Methods, Tools, and Technology