First Generation Students – Scaffolding for First-Generation Student Success

First Generation Students – Scaffolding for First-Generation Student Success

Lisa Andion, Ed.D., Organizational Leadership of Higher Education from Northeastern University, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Blackboard

Scott Caplan, Account Executive, Blackboard

First-generation students struggle to succeed in college. Research shows that this group of students face a variety of challenges that contribute to their college attrition. Yet, research also shows that this group of students could benefit from scaffolding strategies rooted in social learning and constructivist learning theories. Educational technology tools that are

available for faculty to use in their face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses can serve as a vehicle to support the success of first-generation students by implementing scaffolding practices into their use of computer supported collaborative practices. Faculty can expect to receive specific examples of how to implement strategies for different educational technology tools that

address managing group work, giving students opportunities to practice and process new concepts, incorporating reflective exercises, leveraging constructivist learning practices in dynamic virtual spaces, and accommodating diverse student needs from an inclusive and accessible perspective. At this session we will go through and map the scaffolding suggestions back to the course tools, virtual conferencing, Ally Accessibility tool, Discussions, Journals, Class Conversations, Quizzes, Assignments, Learning Modules etc.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the challenges that First Generation students are facing
  • Understanding how the LMS EdTech tools can be leveraged to best interact with First Generation Students
  • Understanding how to use scaffolding practices in your online course to support First-Generation student success

Wed 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Organizational Maturity: Maintaining Institutional Effectiveness Among Rapid Change