EdgeSecure is a cybersecurity and information security solution designed to manage risk for the entire enterprise ecosystem. To meet our members’ cybersecurity needs, we leverage a suite of industry leading tools. Cisco Umbrella is a vital piece of the EdgeSecure ecosystem, filling the need for internet traffic information analysis and protection.


A cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. By learning from internet activity patterns, Umbrella automatically uncovers current and emerging threats. And because it’s built into the foundation of the internet and delivered from the cloud, Umbrella is simple to deploy and quickly delivers effective protection.


First line of defense against internet threats



Simple to deploy, yet powerful and effective security

  • Start protecting users in minutes by simply pointing your DNS traffic to our global network. New new boxes to install or software to manually update.
  • By performing everything in the cloud with 100% uptime, we remove the typical operational complexity and won’t add any additional latency.
  • Umbrella scales on demand. Whether you’re managing one campus location or dozens, scalability won’t be an issue.

Stop threats that firewalls, web filters, and antivirus miss.

  • Prevent malware infections and phishing attacks by blocking DNS requests before the connection is even attempted.
  • Contain infected devices’ ability to call back to botnet controllers over DNS, P2P, IRC or any other app, port or protocol.
  • Block emerging threats. Umbrella sees over 1 million internet events every second, so we can discover and predict where on the internet new attacks are being staged.

Extend protection beyond the perimeter

  • Extend protection for faculty and staff when they are off campus.
  • Expand existing coverage of FireEye, CheckPoint, and other partners, through turn-key and custom integrations.

Gain visibility and control across your distributed campuses

  • Through a single dashboard, view security reports and apply centralized settings across organizations and campuses.
  • Gain visibility into cloud app services and usage across your network


With our Umbrella trial you’ll see any infected devices and which threats were blocked. You’ll also learn how Umbrella discovered the attack. Visualizations correlate your local activity with Umbrella’s global visibility of attacker infrastructures to show you when and where we protected you. Unlike a static executive summary, one of our system engineers will walk your team through an interactive data portal to expand your knowledge about the different threat families and specific attacks operating inside your enterprise environment.

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