VMware Virtual Network Assessment

Optimize your network traffic, identify security and compliance risks, and more with VMWare’s Virtual Network Assessment

Keeping pace with the rapid increase in cybersecurity threats can be daunting in an age where new malevolent actors and network exploits emerge on a daily basis. These attacks lead to system downtime, IT and end user productivity loss, and expensive recovery costs. With that in mind, it’s essential to ensure that your virtual network is protected.

Thanks to strategic partners such as VMWare, innovative solutions exist to thwart emerging cybersecurity threats. The first step is gaining visibility to the current state of traffic moving across your institution’s virtual and physical infrastructure.

Introducing the Virtual Network Assessment

With the VMware Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) Edge’s VMware-dedicated team works with your IT staff to install the necessary software, analyze your environment, and provide business and technical recommendations. The VNA process will help you:

Why Choose a VNA?

  • To obtain a holistic view of the traffic in your data center across the virtual and physical domains.
  • Help your key technology administrators define how much traffic exists between VM’s, applications, VLANs, and VXLANs.
  • Identify threat vectors across physical networks, virtual domains, cloud, and mobile environments.

The end result?

A VNA will provide the intelligence and visibility necessary to map an executable journey to a more secure IT infrastructure.

VNA In-action – How VNA Works:

The Process

A VNA takes about one week, and installs remotely in under an hour.

Once installed, the VNA tool collects data from your network traffic, produces a summary report on security risks (East-West traffic) and provides actionable micro-segmentation recommendations.

East-West (Server-to-Server) Traffic

The VNA will show you what percentage of your data center traffic is not protected by your perimeter firewall so you can make the right decisions to stay safe.


The VNA will provide you a preview of how to micro-segment your network and recommends firewall rules to get you started.

Contact Edge’s dedicated VMWare team today to learn more about how the VNA can optimize your network!