Ensure the Impact of Technology at Your Institution with a Second Opinion Technology Assessment

The Second Opinion Technology Assessment is a results-driven methodology designed to maximize efficiency and enable digital transformation within your academic enterprise. Leveraging our best practice model, the assessment provides a strategic second-opinion which will align the use of technology with your organizational and education goals.

In five steps the EdgePro Assessment Team will help you determine whether your institutional resources could be aligned more effectively to deliver improved performance.

How to determine if a Second Opinion Technology Assessment is right for your institution?

You seek impartial recommendations for increased efficiencies.
You would like to determine if cost-saving opportunities exist across your academic enterprise.
Your institution needs a common understanding of your current IT environment.
You require a detailed planning resource to optimize your technology spend.
You believe a strategic action plan will aid the success of any/all future technology priorities.
You need to evaluate whether your network and data are secure.
You are interested in uncovering the benefit of partnership through Edge’s nonprofit perspective.
You realize you and your executive team would benefit from an outside, impartial assessment of your technology resources in support of your institution’s strategic plans.

If you selected one or more of the above, EdgePro’s Second Opinion Technology Assessment is an ideal resource to align your current-state technology with strategic plans for the future.

Second Opinion Technology Assessment Five-Step Action Plan

Step 1: Project Outline & Data Collection

The EdgePro Assessment Team assigns a Senior IT Executive to serve as the leader for the project who will then liaise with the designated point person on the institution’s side to coordinate scheduling, data collection, and logistics.

Step 2: Data Review & On-Site Kickoff

Current-state data are reviewed in advance of the initial on-site kickoff meeting to ensure a productive use of time and advance discussions with key internal constituents on high-priority areas of assessment. A preliminary plan for the assessment process will be discussed, and a formal kickoff meeting with the institution’s designated senior management team will take place wherein the EdgePro Assessment Team will:

  • Present the methodology
  • Review the data collection process and approach
  • Describe the initial analysis
  • Verify the project deliverables

Step 3: Campus Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback

The EdgePro Assessment Team conducts focus group sessions with administrative and academic technology stakeholders, holds one-on-one interviews with key decision makers, and supports open forums to hear from faculty and students. Typically, the EdgePro Assessment Team for the initial visit consists of three higher-education experts on-site for 3.5 days.

Step 4: “First Look” at Assessment Findings

In its “First Look” presentation to the president and/or the institution’s designated senior management team at the end of the data-collection visit, the EdgePro Assessment Team shares the preliminary findings, provides a framework for addressing those findings, and invites additional input from the institution’s leadership team.

Step 5: Strategic Planning Recommendations

The EdgePro Assessment Team performs a detailed analysis of the data collected during the focus group sessions and technical evaluations. In each area, our subject-matter experts compare the use of technologies in our assessment findings to established best practices and provider recommended remediation strategies for addressing identified gaps.

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