Expectations around customer service have changed dramatically over the past ten years, and today’s students want convenient, anytime, anywhere, personalized support from their institution. Fast, reliable, high-quality one stop student support can be a critical differentiator for an institution, driving student satisfaction rates to over 90% and helping to significantly increase retention rates.

EdgePro invests annually millions of dollars in the technology capabilities of the operations centers; quality assurance of the advisors; and business processes to improve time to resolution, customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and student success.

We create customized solutions for our partners to provide a best-in-class student experience that includes:

  • Fast, convenient, 24/7/365 support, available across multiple modalities and personalized for each student.
  • A quick scalable, cost-effective support solution leveraging technology and expert advisors in five global contact centers.
  • Comprehensive program management, including real-time optimization made possible with robust reporting and live call monitoring.
  • Best-in-class SmartView technology supporting intuitive self-help tools and centralized 360-degree view of student information for advisors providing support by phone, live chat, email or text messaging.
  • Predictive, proactive, and highly-effective outbound communications personalized for each student.
  • Deflection and automation strategies to drive down inbound volumes and lowering total cost of ownership for our partners.

Committed to your success

We work closely with our partners to create highly customized solutions designed to meet their specific goals. We’re focused on achieving measurable results that drive student engagement, retention and success while leveraging new operational and cost efficiencies.

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