Improve enrollment yield through a high touch, student-centric approach to enrollment management. EdgePro enables you to get admitted students through the door and into the classroom. By increasing your ability to provide high-touch, transparent, and proactive support to prospective and admitted students, you will see significant yield increases. And you’ll gain the business intelligence you need to make timely, data-driven decisions that will improve your process.

Partnership with proven results

Our Enrollment Management solutions are rooted in years of experience and proven strategies that yield tangible results. We’ve helped institutions like Ivy Tech enroll 10,000 additional students. Our solutions work because they are tailored to every institution’s unique needs using a methodical and effective approach:

  • Define institution-specific enrollment stages based on student behavior
  • Conduct a thorough enrollment analysis and strategy
  • Detail a holistic enrollment communications plan
  • Equip enrollment specialists to conduct personalized phone calls, voicemails, emails and 1:1 information sessions that arm students with the tools and formation they need to succeed
  • Optimize a CRM solution to facilitate enrollment and provided valuable business intelligence

Fully customized solutions

Every customized solution is designed to nurture students through enrollment in a timely and personalized manner, while ensuring that outreach is coordinated and aligned with your institution’s brand objectives:

  • Extend your team via staff augmentation that can proactively guide candidates through the admissions process.
  • Create compelling communications including customized promotional content that highlights your unique value propositions via phone, email, and text.
  • Increase and improve student engagement using outreach strategies and technologies that maximize contact and engagement with prospects.
  • Develop business intelligence: Data reporting on key performance metrics, application forecasts, and candidate feedback.

Our highly trained Candidate Support Resources are dedicated, seamless extensions of your team, available 24/7 and accessible by phone, email and mobile channels. A well-defined process and detailed knowledge base means consistent lead qualification and student engagement.

Respond quickly to inquiries and applications with proactive outreach tools that promote your brand and value proposition, optimizing engagement with marketing support and targeted messaging.

Inquiry Management

  • Increase application conversation rates
  • Nurture prospective students with proactive outreach and customized communications

Application Management

  • Grow enrollments and application yield rates
  • Optimize yield with personalized support through admissions and onboarding

Learn more about how EdgePro’s Enrollment Management solutions can help your institution enhance its enrollment process by contacting us.