The E360 Assessment is a results-driven methodology 360° designed to enable digital transformation and streamline efficiencies within your institution.

The assessment will provide a holistic, 360 degree view of the institution’s current-state technology program, along with a diagnostic and prescriptive report designed to map the evolution of IT strategy to the overall institutional mission, vision, and strategy. In order to accomplish this goal and provide an assessment which delves into the breadth and depth of technology across the institution, the EdgePro team focuses on a variety of technology-related domains including:

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IT Strategy

The EdgePro team will review, revise, and update (or generate if necessary) a Strategic Technology Plan which ensures IT strategy is aligned with the institution’s mission, vision, and strategy.

IT Organizational Review

An analysis of the IT organization from a business science perspective designed to define domains and teams, establish accountability and authority, and improve overall operations.

IT Governance

An evaluation of the existing IT governance model, taking into account the culture, organizational structure, maturity, and strategy to ensure that IT investments are optimized, aligned with business strategy, and delivering value within acceptable risk boundaries.

IT Economics and Finance

An examination of current managerial finance and economic approaches within IT, including capital expenditures, operational expenditures, and purchasing processes.

Enterprise Information Systems Architecture (EISA)

A thorough and defined analysis of the institution’s entire technology stack, mapping the dependencies and strategic utility of various technologies from technical architecture through their impacts on the institution’s mission.

Institutional Data

Analyze any existing Master Data Management (MDM) strategies and provide a plan to establish institutional governance and a cross-functional team focused on the implementation or improvement of data architecture, data governance, and data stewardship.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Framework

Assess and adapt the institution’s current IT Service Management model to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices in order to emphasize business-centric and customer- centric approaches, rather than IT-centric service delivery mechanisms.

Cyber Infrastructure

A detailed analysis of existing cyber infrastructure, including the Wide & Local Area Network
(WAN & LAN), network infrastructure, wireless connectivity, data center total cost of ownership, and cloud migration strategy.


A thorough review of cybersecurity capacity and capability, taking existing technology implementation, security policies and procedures, end-user cybersecurity awareness, and regulatory compliance into account.

Digital Transformation Capacity and Capability

Taking into account best practices for Organizational Change Management (OCM), Business Process Management/Modeling (BPM), Business Analysis (BA), and Project Management (PM), we’ll assess institutional and IT maturity to define and practice digital transformation successfully.

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