Digital Accessibility

Edge partners with Blackboard Ally to provide solutions for digital accessibility. As accessibility concerns move beyond the physical world to the digital learning space, it’s more important than ever – in order to both comply with ADA regulations and provide an excellent student experience – to ensure that websites and digital learning objects are designed with accessibility in mind.

Introducing Blackboard Ally

Making course content more accessible

Blackboard Ally focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Using inclusivity, sustainability and automation as its key pillars, Blackboard Ally helps you understand and tackle accessibility in a way that benefits all students.

Highlights of Blackboard Ally

Close and Seamless Integration

Raise awareness and visibility of accessibility by integrating directly into the Learning Management system and existing workflows.

Accessibility Checklist

Automatically checks course materials for common accessibility issues, including many WCAG 2.1 AA rules.

Alternative Formats

Apply advanced machine learning algorithms to provide all students
access to more accessible alternatives such as Semantic HTML, ePub, Audio and Electronic Braille.

Feedback and Guidance

Deliver in-context feedback and guidance to help instructors improve the accessibility of their content and build towards a sustainable change in behavior.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain deep understanding of your institution’s performance through the institution-wide course content accessibility report.

Proactive Approach

Proactively tackle accessibility and target both instructors and content to maximize results.

Benefits All Students

A unique inclusive approach to accessibility that focuses on improving the quality and usability of course materials for all students.

Accessibility Spectrum

Move your institution up on the accessibility spectrum through Ally’s 3-step approach of automation, instructor engagement and measuring performance.