Today’s Complex Service Environment

Gone are the days of the one-way service model via phone-call or walk-in. Today’s environment has broadened to include email, chat, automated support, and self-service options. Increased user expectations and demand don’t always mean increased resources, so the institutional workload pays the price.

The Challenge: Effectively Solve the Widening Service Gap

To meet the needs for on demand, 24/7 help desk and contact center solutions, we pioneered the concept of a fully “Hybrid Contact Center” solution. This is a framework designed to optimize your institutional resources and capabilities while at the same time increasing service levels and implementing cloud-based technologies to support faculty across multiple contact channels.

The “Hybrid Contact Center” concept is one that uses a combination of services and technologies, to deliver the highest levels of customer care to end users in the most efficient and effective manner. Solve internal IT challenges by:

  • Removing limitations on your ability to increase advisor pay and retain top talent
  • Eliminating management challenges that come with recruiting and retaining a lower wage labor force
  • Creating efficiencies that drive reductions in costs and increase your IT team’s capacity for more strategic deployments of internal resources
  • Easily staffing for seasonality ramping up for peak periods decreasing staffing during slower seasons
  • Utilizing content as a service to build a comprehensive and effective knowledge base

Collaborating to Solve Challenges:

EdgePro partners with your institution to highlight key strengths, identify weaknesses, and design a customized support strategy that meets your institution’s specific needs; combining digital technologies, multi-channel communications, CRM/Help desk systems and high availability (24/7) help desk solutions.

EdgePro’s Services Team:

Handles 7+ Million support interactions per year

Employs 1,200 advisors in five global service centers

Operates 24×7, 356

Chat, email, text and self-service solutions

EdgePro Help Desk Services:

EdgePro’s comprehensive Help Desk Solutions deliver scalable resources and technology to support a university’s learning management system (EdgePro Learn, ANGEL, Sakai, Desire2Learn, Canvas, and Moodle), as well as over 100 of the most commonly used applications and technologies, including Microsoft Office, Google apps, email and collaboration technology. With EdgePro Help Desk Services, institutions can enhance student, faculty, and administrative staff support and satisfaction while delivering time savings to in-house IT resources to focus more on critical technology support, adoption, and technology expansion projects.