CIO Services

EdgePro CIO Services act as an extension of your leadership team, ensuring that technology is leveraged effectively to support the institution’s vision. CIO services supports digital transformation throughout your institution, enabling the organization to streamline operations and deliver services that drive successful outcomes for students, faculty, and staff. The accelerating pace of technological change, the variety of essential services, and the expectations of service-focused users create a diverse set of challenges for the modern CIO. Whether on an interim, long-term, or project basis, adding an experienced CIO resource provides a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help meet those challenges. With an EdgePro CIO augmenting your team, you’ll add a highly skilled leader to guide complex projects and initiatives from inception to delivery.

What can EdgePro do for you?


  • Develop a strategic roadmap for technology integration and service delivery.
  • Establish and operationalize IT and data governance.
  • Transform IT business processes and workflows.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • IT staff development and optimization.
  • Emerging technology and cloud strategy development.


  • RFQ development, dissemination, and proposal review.
  • Research and optimization of project execution plans.
  • Establishment of a Project Management Office.
  • Project management of vendors and internal staff.
  • Service rollout, project review, and knowledge transfer.


  • Optimize and manage IT budget.
  • Identify relevant service, solution, and application providers.
  • Validate vendor capabilities and skill sets.
  • Negotiate vendor contracts to optimize IT budget.
  • License compliance tracking and reporting.