William Collis

William is the co-owner and co-founder of Team Genji, the esports analytics company behind the number one Hearthstone team in the world. William also co-founded the video game coaching platform Gamer Sensei, which raised over $6M in venture capital before selling in 2018.

William is the co-host of the popular Business of Esports podcast, alongside Paul ‘The Profit’ Dawalibi, a weekly show that debates the latest trends and opportunities in the industry. He is a frequent speaker at major gaming conventions like PAX, as well as a co-founder and senior advisor to America’s first accredited esports business major at Becker College. His lectures on esports at Becker are among the most popular ever taught at the university.

William’s writing is often featured in numerous international publications such as the Japan Times, with his popular work ‘Super Mario Syndrome’ receiving wide reprints in Asia. He co-authored the award-winning Harvard Business School (HBS) case ‘One Game to Rule Them All’ and is the focus of the popular HBS case ‘Choosing the Right Esports Business Model’.

His recent work The Official History of Esports™ is considered to be a definitive guide to the modern world of competitive gaming, and The Official History of Esports™.

William graduated from Amherst College cum laude and Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.