Dr. Sanjay Padhi

Dr. Sanjay Padhi, leads the AWS Research Initiatives including various federal initiatives in collaboration with NSF, NIH and other government agencies. He is a physicist and Adjunct Professor at Brown University. Dr. Padhi has more than 15 years of experience in large-scale Distributed Computing, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and is the co-creator of workload management systems, currently used for all the data processing and simulations activities by CMS, one of the largest experiments in the world at CERN, consisting of more than 180 institutions across 40 countries. He also co-founded the Computing Grid project at Deutsches Elektronen- Synchrotron (DESY), Germany before joining CERN. Dr. Padhi obtained his PhD from McGill University in High Energy Physics and is also currently appointed by the Dean of Faculty as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics at Brown University.