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Edge Ask the Expert Webinar Series – Episode 1 – Ransomware Round Up

September 23, 2020 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Ransomware Kill-Chain & 6 Ways to Stop this Threat in its Tracks

Join Jeremy Livingston, Associate Vice President for Security Solutions Development and Chief Information Security Officer, Edge as he takes you on a tour of the types of ransomware that have been recently observed and dives into how you and your team can strengthen security operations in response to the recent trends in the ransomware realm.

Topics covered will include

  • How a ransomware attack works
  • Ransomware with the added threat of data exfiltration
  • The “ransomware kill-chain” – what it is and how to stop it
  • 6 different points where you can stop ransomware along its lifecycle
  • Ransomware-preventative security strategy, and effective controls on your devices and policies
  • Solutions on the market to stop ransomware
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Jeremy invites you to submit questions for the Q&A portion of the program in advance! If you would like to share a question, please email edgeevents@njedge.net

About the Presenter


Associate Vice President for Security Solutions Development and Chief Information Security Officer

Most of us don’t think about the scary dark world lurking behind our computer screens. The concept of what, or who, lurks behind the screen is not often considered until after an attack has taken place and a part of us has been stolen. Thankfully there are people like Jeremy who understand the security realm and oversee cybersecurity and develop security solutions for Edge’s EdgeSecure. Jeremy serves as Edge’s new Associate Vice President for Security Solutions Development and Chief Information Security Officer. His previous experience includes a lengthy list of prestigious positions, as he began his career in cybersecurity while serving in the Navy doing cryptography and IT security. Following his post in the Navy, Jeremy was honored to work as the Senior Information Systems Security Analyst supporting the CIO to the Executive Office of the President of the United States. He served on a team of security engineers who reviewed everything entering the White House network, including software, hardware, and full security assessments. After serving in the White House, Jeremy continued his deep and varied background within the security realm, which included being the Chief Information Security Officer to the PEW Charitable Trusts in Washington D.C., the U. S. Government’s Food and Drug Administration, the Office of the Inspector General for the Federal Housing Finance Agency as well as security related engagements with the Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Nuclear Security Agency, and the U.S. Department of Labor. Jeremy also enjoys teaching security at a local community college, as well as several security certification courses online. Just about every week another institution deals with a data breach, which is why Jeremy is excited to join forces with Edge members. Jeremy leads Edge’s cybersecurity program known as EdgeSecure, working with organizations and institutions to ensure they achieve a security profile that minimizes risk. His goal is to help all member institutions make informed risk-based decisions and operate secure networks.


September 23, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm