Pre-conference Workshops – January 8th

Come for these unique sessions and development opportunities. Stay for the conference! Registrations are separate from EdgeCon2020.

Hands-On Cybersecurity Workshop – Designing offensive and defensive mindsets
Etay Maor, Boston College Adjunct Professor, Cyber Security Researcher, Keynote Speaker, RSA Conference Member Committee

Time/Duration: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Cost: $200 with EdgeCon attendance. $750 if you wish to attend the workshop without attending the conference.

Hands-On Cybersecurity Workshop Description

In cybersecurity there are two sides – the defender and the attacker. In this seminar attendees will have the opportunity to put on both hats and explore cybersecurity topics from a variety of perspectives.

The session will kick off with a detailed review of security frameworks and how they can be applied both before and during a breach. Attendees will also take a close look at the evolution of identification, authentication, and authorization systems, and brainstorm how those systems could impact their institutional IT strategy.

The workshop will then focus on the tools and techniques used by attackers. Attendees will participate in a live hands-on demonstration of recon techniques (with a focus on OSINT), targeting everything from people, to process, to technology. A live demonstration of the creation of advanced phishing and social engineering attacks, a review of malware techniques, and an analysis of dark web offerings will follow.

The session will conclude with an exploration of the questions security teams should be constantly asking themselves, and a review of lessons learned from years of training organizations’ security teams in breach response.

Managing Project Challenges
Te Wu, CEO of PMO Advisory LLC, Assistant Professor, Management, Montclair State University

Time/Duration: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Cost: $175 with EdgeCon attendance. $599 if you wish to attend the workshop without attending the conference.

Managing Project Challenges Workshop Description

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. Today, project management is recognized as a strategic competence that is indispensable to business success.

In the field of information technology, the completion of projects on time and within budget is not only expected, but vital for ongoing success and improvement in higher education. Strategic project management can help your institution work smarter and faster, and gain a better understanding of how organizations succeed, learn, and change.

In this course you will explore the fundamentals of strategic project management that can help you work smarter and faster, and gain a better understanding of how to succeed, learn, and change. Learn a systematic approach to the management of projects, including managing stakeholder expectations, estimating schedule costs, mitigating risks, and making strategic decisions. Gain knowledge of a variety of tools to help you successfully handle both the technical and human aspects of complex project management.


This is an excellent introductory course for those who are considering a career in project management or those that wish to consider the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. For those who already have PMP, this course earns 5 PDUs and serve as an excellent refresher course.


This session is perfect for anyone who is interested in project management and/or working on project teams. This includes:

General project stakeholders such as project team members, team leads, and resource managers
Business and functional professionals who are managing or working on projects, especially large and complex projects
Up and coming project professionals who want to sharpen their skills, capabilities, and credentials in managing projects

Strategic Insights Into Immersive Learning: How XR Shapes the Future Interactive Learning Design
Emory Craig, Co-Founder and CEO Digital Bodies

Who Should Attend:

Time/Duration: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Cost: $150 with EdgeCon attendance. $499 if you wish to attend the workshop without attending the conference.

Strategic Insights Into Immersive Learning Workshop Description

This workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and leadership skills to guide their organizations in the new era of immersive technologies (XR). XR is moving from experimental projects to broader implementation in education (STEM and the liberal arts) and innovative uses in nonprofits and government organizations. We follow a Research-Vision-Strategy framework that offers insights into the latest immersive learning developments, strategic planning, and organizational roadmapping to ignite innovation in your organization.


  • Understand the rapidly evolving XR landscape and immersive learning developments
  • Determine how XR will impact your organization and the essential requirements (operations, space, staff, technology) to deliver immersive technology projects
  • Identify implementation strategies and use cases for XR, and ways to engage stakeholders to foster innovation in educational institutions and other organizations